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I posted this meme on The House That Will Facebook page yesterday because it made me giggle ... 

A lady never discusses the size of her fabric stash, even if it's impressive.
Source: QuiltingSewingCreating

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Obviously I'm no lady because that's precisely what I'm going to do! Although I'm by no means proud of it. To the contrary, my fabric stash represents a myriad of failed projects. But it also bears the hope of so much possibility!

I'm a hoarder at heart, and so throwing things out does not come easily to me. However, I have gotten better at it over time and, having learned to see the benefits of a clutter-free home, I'm now pretty ruthless ... except when it comes to fabrics. 

I adore textiles. But it's not that I set out to collect them; generally I buy fabrics because I have a purpose in mind for them. But then life distracts me in other ways and I don't always get around to doing all the projects I have dreamed up in my head. 

So rather than allow these beauties to languish in my cupboard, I thought it would be nice to bring some of them out into the light ... virtually, at least, until I get around to using them in real life. 

Country Life | Friendly Pheasant

The House that Will | My Fabric Stash
Source: Empress Mills

I so wish that this was called 'Pleasant Pheasant' instead of Friendly Pheasant! Missed opportunity there. Haha! This is the most recent addition to The Stash. I love the pheasant pattern as a contemporary take on a traditional country motif. The scale of the pattern means that the fabric can be used for a variety of projects, with the birds measuring 6cm from beak to tail. My plan is to use it to make scatter cushions for the new sofa in our sitting room.

By the way, I ordered this from Love Fabric, a small company based right here in the west of Ireland. It arrived on my doorstop just two days after I placed the order, and the fabric is top quality. And this is not a sponsored post; I just like to give credit to Irish businesses that do a great job.

Robert Kaufman | Night and Day 3

The House that Will | My Fabric Stash
Source: Quilty Therapy

Green is my favourite colour and I love soft, white, ferny plants. So, of course, when I saw this fabric I had to have it! Again, it has a traditional rustic feel, but is still fresh and contemporary. The ferny sprigs measure about 10cm x 10cm. When I bought this fabric, I had planned on making a tufted dressing table stool for the master bedroom. But then I decided that I wanted to keep the Habitat Tam-Tam stool I'd been using on a temporary basis. So the upholstered stool project never happened, and this fabric went into The Stash. I did however find another use for it some time later, and I'll be blogging about that little project sometime soon. 

Tula Pink | 16th Century Selfie

The House that Will | My Fabric Stash
Source: Tula Pink

I was browsing Etsy looking for a charm pack for a quilt I'm making when I came across this and was instantly captivated by that face. The scale of the pattern would suit a variety of uses, with the face measuring about 7cm x 7cm. My quilt, which I'm making by hand, is long way from being finished, but I've already used this fabric in it and it is absolutely striking. I love it. Technically this fabric is still part of The Stash because I have a few bits left over. And I'm also trying to think of an excuse to order more of it!

Melody Miller | Ruby Star Polka Dot

The House that Will | My Fabric Stash
Source: fabrications

Again, it was the cameo brooch-like faces on this that caught my eye, as well as the colours - that gorgeous green and blue and it's even got metallic gold dots! Plus zig-zags and lacy motifs ... it is perfection! The pattern on this one is pretty large scale, with the face measuring 18cm x 14cm. The plan for it is to make a scatter cushion for the sofa in the studio. Someday I'll actually get around to it! 

Melody Miller | Ruby Star Vinyl - Starlet (Absinthe)

The House that Will | My Fabric Stash
Source: Melody Miller

This is one of my favourite fabrics of all time. I bought loads of it, but I did also get around to making something with it - check out this post on how to make a zippered cushion cover with piping.


The House that Will | DIY Cushion Cover Throw Pillow with Piping Step-by-Step How to Sewing Tutorial

The scale again is huge - the starlet's silhouette measures 15cm x 10cm. In my cushion, I used the silhouette with the flowers and stars on the front of the cushion, and I used the pink and sage bands on the back. I made the cushion with the intention of keeping it on the sofa in the studio, but it suits almost every room in the house, so now my biggest dilemma is deciding where it's going to live. The problem is that I love it so much that I want it in every room!

Am I the only one who gets this excited about fabrics - please tell me it's not so! 

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