Loo Makeover: Before

Conventional wisdom can be very sensible and worth heeding. Like don’t walk under ladders. Look before you leap. Don’t mix the grape and the grain. But whoever came up with the idea that small spaces should be painted light colours to make them feel larger was just plain wrong. Light colours don’t make a room feel bigger; the room stays the same size! Moreover, living with light colours brings its own set of challenges.

This loo was actually the first room we decorated after we bought our new house. And we fell for the old more about light colours for small places, so we laid white ceramic floor tiles. That was our first mistake. And we chose to paint the walls with Dulux Bathroom Paint in Ice White. That was our second mistake.

The problem is that this tiny little room is one of the most-used in the house, and the white floors and white walls are impossible to maintain. Especially with a dog in the house. I vacuum the floor and, by the time I turned around, stray dog hairs are already starting to resettle onto those bright white tiles. And living as we do in a hard-water area, splashes from the basin grew into yellow streaks of lime running down our ice-white walls. (We have since installed a water softener - best thing ever!) Another problem is that wherever we drill a hole in the wall, the paint blisters and flakes off, revealing patches of bare plaster. One day recently, I decided I could bear it no longer.

So, take a long last look at our loo, because things are about to change drastically around here … 

The House that Will | Loo Makeover: Before

The House that Will | Loo Makeover: Before

The House that Will | Loo Makeover: Before

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